Video: Driver who ran over mother and child not to blame

It's been around for longer than we can remember and some of the adverts were a bit cheesy but having watched this video we can't help thinking the Green Cross Code is one of life's good things. It's just a pity this mother and child didn't use it.

The pair were lucky to escape with little more than minor injuries after they played chicken with the traffic at a busy junction in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA - and lost.
The mother and her four-year-old daughter were hit by a SUV as they tried to cross the road and were quick to blame the driver, as was the police officer who attended the scene.

But it soon emerged that the woman had made a dash for it when the lights had already switched to green. With another car obscuring the view, the SUV had no chance of seeing the pair on the crossing.

The driver was originally hit with a citation but that was withdrawn after winning the red light camera footage battle.

Those candidates for the Darwin Awards just keep coming. Watch the footage below.

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