Super-sized cattle class: planes set to fit 1000 people on board

Ruth Doherty

Thought planes were already a tight squeeze? Get set for the new jet that can hold as many as 1000 passengers.

According to the Australian Business Traveller, Airbus is set to release an expanded version of the world's largest passenger jet, the A380.

Most airlines are currently using versions of the jet that can carry between 400 and 540 passengers.

But the next generation of planes is set to hold double that.

Lufthansa and Air France are eyeing the larger version called the A380-1000 that is capable of carrying as many as 1000 travellers.

Air Austral has ordered a pair of A380s packed with 840 economy seats that are set to take to the skies in 2014.

And the A380-900 currently being developed by Airbus will carry up to 900 passengers in an economy-only configuration, and 650 people in a standard multi-class layout.

According to, Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has previously told of his preference for the 900-seat version of the A380, saying he'll wait for the stretched version to be developed.

'Ideally, we'd like Airbus to stretch them because for the A380 to be really competitive it needs to be even bigger than it currently is,' Branson said.

'We'd be willing to wait a bit longer for the A380 stretch version.'

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