Britain's road to hell: the 200m street that has 130 potholes

Ruth Doherty

A road in Yorkshire looks more like the moon's surface than a city street, with 130 potholes covering its 200 yards.

The crater-filled road has enraged locals who are accusing the council of being lazy after not fixing it.

Eton Street, in Hull, East Yorkshire, has some potholes up to four inches deep and three-feet wide and residents say nothing has been done to fill them for six months.

Local businesses and shoppers are now calling for urgent action.

Manager of local camping store Winfields, Lee Allison, explained that customers are constantly complaining about the state of the road.

He said: 'The road is absolutely terrible.

'It is dangerous as motorists end up on the wrong side of the road to try and avoid the worst potholes.'

The potholes are also having an adverse affect on car tyres and suspension.

Hull City Council said its team had only just been made aware of the problems on Eton Street.

A spokeswoman said: 'We will go down and assess the extent of the damage and prioritise accordingly.

'We investigate any claims of damage, which can be reported by letter or through the call centre or website, caused by potholes or road defects.'

Earlier this year Hull City Council announced it was losing a third of its 'pothole busting' team.

Staff were specifically recruited to repair craters in June 2009 as part of an £800,000 push to fix a backlog of pothole repairs, but many had to be made redundant as part of budget reductions.

From January last year to the beginning of December, the council filled in 7,308 potholes.