Video: Alonso takes Ferrari 458 Italia round Fiorano

Nic Cackett

There's something enormously satisfying about watching sporting genius at play. Whether its Tiger Woods juggling with a sand wedge, Ronnie O'Sullivan playing a trick shot or Lionel Messi with a ball at his feet, the ease and grace of it all is unbelievably compelling to those of us less-blessed.

It's the same with racing drivers. Hand any decent track specialist a road car and he'll put on a show, but giving former world champion Fernando Alonso a Ferrari 458 Italia on the Fiorano circuit is like asking Phil Taylor to repeatedly hit the bullseye sitting on his sofa.

Younger readers might want to watch the Spaniard's hands. Alonso's light-fingered, lightening fast touch is an object lesson in how to do something remarkably difficult without really giving it any thought. Click below to watch.