Red Bull special could be in Infiniti pipeline

Infiniti could use its new collaboration with Red Bull Racing to produce a high-performance road car.

The brand's partnership with the F1 constructors' champion was only revealed in March, but a jointly-developed model could be on sale within 2 years.Simon Sproute, Infiniti's motorsport boss, told WhatCar? magazine that the companies' relationship was likely to be best served by a 'credible' project in the Renault Clio Williams mould.

That development would involve the extensive re-engineering of one model in the current Infiniti line-up.

It's a tantalizing prospect and one which Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner saw as a likely trajectory for his team's talents.

"There's no reason not to be involved. We have proved that Red Bull can take on the likes of Mercedes in F1 despite their heritage and a natural evolution of that would be to use our expertise we have in [developing] road cars," he said.
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