Marko: One of Vettel's best races

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko tells Autoblog UK why he got so excited during the race and what went wrong for Mark Webber.

Herr Marko, how worried were you as the race drew to a close?Helmut Marko: Well, unfortunately, Sebastian was slower than Lewis Hamilton on S3. It was very close at that point, so close that Hamilton was able to activate his rear wing. Sebastian was in danger of being overtaken.

How did that come about on the final sector?
Probably because the cars are different. We were faster on the first two sectors, though. We also know that the third sector is not necessarily Sebastian's favourite.

Was Mark Webber's race lost at the start?
Yes, he dropped back right at the start, then got stuck behind Fernando Alonso. Shame. He had no chance after that.

Niki Lauda added his thoughts...
It was certainly one of Sebastian's best races ever. Absolutely.
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