Button praises brilliant strategy

Three or four pit stops, that was the issue for strategy in Turkey, and on Sunday in Spain, the plan remained the same.

Whereas the tactic of making fewer stops had proved wrong in Istanbul, it worked very well for Jenson Button in Barcelona, because the British driver not only enjoyed a podium finish, but did so despite a very bad start.
Button: "My first lap was a disaster. I didn't think anything was amiss, but half the field went screaming past me on the first turns. I was eleventh or twelfth, at any rate quite a long way down the field, which was hard to take – and in the start phase, overtaking was not easy, as everyone's tyres were roughly the same age – but over time, I did it."

His strategy helped him immensely, however, because on three stops instead of four, he was able to catch opponents running on old tyres. Button: "It was a brilliant strategy that helped me to a podium finish. It was great, overtaking Mark and Fernando on hard tyres and me on the soft compound. Three stops worked this time. Two weeks ago, it was the wrong choice, whereas today it was right. Today was my race."
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