Button thinks he has an advantage over Alonso

Three hundredths. That's the size of the gap that separated the two McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in qualifying for the Spanish GP.

Whilst Hamilton was bagging third place, though, Fernando Alonso was muscling in on McLaren's act – P5 for Button! Jenson commented afterwards: "It was so close. I knew my lap was good. A measly three hundredths!"
However, thinking of his Ferrari rival directly in front of him, Button also saw something positive in his grid position for the fifth race of the season.

"I'm on the clean side of the track, which is a big plus."

P5 is not a fantastic result for McLaren, but Button felt good after qualifying at the Circuit de Catalunya despite that: "During qualifying, the car just kept getting better thanks to the soft tyres and the setup settings."

What did he expect on Sunday?

"Impossible to predict, but having fresh tyres makes a huge difference. Tyres are a major consideration in the race." Button saved two fresh sets of tyres from qualifying for the race while Alonso, who was in front of him, needed three.

"That's why we're in a good position," added Button, noting the huge difference between the two compounds provided by Pirelli for the Spanish GP.
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