Venezuelan bus driver handed nation's first driving ban

Living in a nation of overzealous politicians, radar-gun-happy cops and so-called health and safety experts we're well-accustomed to the prospect of losing our right to drive for the most minor transgression of the road laws.

But in Venezuela they play it a little differently. The OPEC nation is as car friendly as a NASCAR car park, and as a result of cheap petrol and laid-back law enforcement, it's taken them until 2011 to actually get round to suspending someone's driving license.
The honour fell to Ramon Parra, a bus driver who was banned for driving his over-laden vehicle at excessive speed. Fairly mundane you might think. Well, there was also the small matter of a missing wheel. Apparently it was found wedged into one of the bus's packed aisles.

And so in a country where breathalysers are unheard of and speed limits are based on your engine capacity, the 41-year-old's behaviour was deemed irresponsible enough to earn himself a 12-month ban thanks to a law that was only introduced in 2008.

Congratulations Venezuela – we confidently predict the legislation will take around 50 years to snowball from sensible prosecutions into hair-trigger chaos.
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