Buzzing! Swarm of bees causes chaos at airport

Ruth Doherty

A swarm of bees has descended on an airport in the Philippines - causing flight delays and forcing workers to fight back with vacuum cleaners.

The bees caused total disruption after flying into the passenger tubes at Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila, preventing operators from connecting them to arriving planes

Jets had to park on the tarmac, and some passengers got stuck in their planes.

PAL vice president for corporate affairs Joey de Guzman told 'The passengers were unable to disembark due to a swarm of bees inside the boarding gate tube.'

Wheelchair attendant Rodolfo Gabriel was among those stung by angry bees, which appeared without warning and swarmed the control panels of the aerobridges.

The gates were closed straight away with authorities saying they endangered both passengers and airport workers.

It's thought a passenger brought the concealed honeybees onto a plane and they escaped.

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