British tourists get shock as snow falls in Grand Canyon - in May

Ruth Doherty

British tourists were in for a shock when they had to reach for their winter warmers after record-breaking snow fell in Arizona this week.

The average temperature at the Grand Canyon in May is around 30C, so a dusting of snow wasn't what travellers were expecting in the usually sun-soaked scenery and desert terrain.

The American National Weather Service said yesterday that a storm system had brought a mixture of snow and hail to the Grand Canyon region.

The popular tourist stop of Flagstaff even broke a century-old town record after 1.6 inches fell.

Meteorologist Chris Outler told the Daily Mail: 'Some snow is not unheard of in May, but this is a little out of character.'

He added that higher ground - between 5,000 and 7000ft - was most likely to be affected.

British tourists on a trip with Trek America were among those surprised to see a smattering of the white stuff.

Company representative Lynsey Devon said the group had been hit by snow while on their way to the Grand Canyon's Desert Viewpoint: 'With suitcases full of sundresses, shorts, sunglasses and sun cream, the last thing they were expecting was snow.

'With barely a jacket between them, the group's suitcases soon became considerably lighter as they threw on every item of clothing they had and used leggings as impromptu scarves.'

And they thought they were escaping the bad English weather. Better luck next time!

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