Dare to bare? Britain's first naturist spa hotel opens in Birmingham

It might not be the first place you'd think of when imagining a naturist's paradise, but Britain's first naturist spa hotel has opened in... Birmingham.

Originally built as a private residence in the 1920s, owner Tim Higgs has completely refurbished into a 'tranquil' hotspot specifically for those who dare to bare.

On arrival at reception, all guests confirm and accept the naturists terms and conditions before entering the facility, which boasts seven bedrooms, and spa facilities, including a sauna, steam room, a cold plunge pool, and a hot tub on the patio.

Rather than being seedy, Higgs is keen to point out this is a respectable establishment where guests meet to read, chat or play board games, that he created in response to a lack of such places in the UK.

He told the Daily Mail: 'On the Continent, nudity is normal. Naturism is a common experience, and people wouldn't dream of wearing swimming costumes in wellness facilities in Austria, Germany, Denmark or Hungary. In Southern Europe, many beaches are naturist. But here, there's very little.'

'Many of the places advertised weren't very nice. There are too many places who had hijacked the term 'naturism' but turned out to be swinging lairs with dark corners and things going on you don't want. Or at least,' he says, 'I didn't want.'

There will be no such goings on at Clover Spa. 'Our hotel is clean, bright and above board,' he says. 'There are no dark corners; there's nothing illegal or immoral going on.

'We have had inquiries from the sort of people who like that kind of thing, but we advise them not to come along.'

The rules are: no smoking, no swimwear, no cameras, no clothes. Once a guest enters the doors of the hotel, they must leave their clothing in their rooms, but can choose to wear a towel or robe if they please.

The eight members of staff at Clover Spa are clothed when they're working at the front desk, but all strip off to their birthday suit 'when they can', while Higgs mingles naked with his guests when he has time off.

Rooms cost from £120 to £150 a night. Visit cloverspa.eu fore more information.

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