Citroen to recall 22,000 C3 Picassos in UK

A fault that could potentially allow the foot brake to be applied by pressing on the passenger footwell has prompted Citroen to issue a recall for all right hand drive C3 Picassos in the UK.

The car has been on sale since 2009 and the recall affects all 22,000 vehicles that have been sold in the UK.
The problem was exposed by the BBC programme Watchdog, and was first noticed by a cleaning company, Town and Country Cleaners, which uses three of the cars.

According to the BBC, one of the drivers was driving at 70mph on the motorway when the car started "screeching to a halt". This was said to be because the braking mechanism was only covered by a thin layer of felt under the passenger footwell. The problem arises with the conversion of the car from left-hand drive to right-hand drive for sale in the UK market.

Watchdog claims it has since tested two more C3 Picassos and found similar faults on both vehicles.

Citroen issued a statement to Watchdog, saying: "as there is a remote possibility that the conditions featured in your programme could be replicated, we have taken the responsible decision, in association with the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA), to recall all right hand drive UK supplied C3 Picassos.

"The recall will require the fitment of an additional component to isolate the braking mechanism from the front seat passenger. "

Citroen went on to say that the work will take about an hour to do and will be carried out free of charge. In the meantime all C3 Picasso owners can continue to use their cars as normal.
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