Skeleton images to scare speeders into slowing down

Speeders in New York will be faced by a rather stark reminder of the dangers of breaking the limit – a flashing image of a skeleton.

The LED signs will be positioned at crossings and will work as radar-activated speed boards to indicate the pace of a driver's car.
The usual walking figure that indicates a crosswalk will normally be displayed, but the person will change to a skeleton if the radar determines they are breaking the speed limit.

It is part of a campaign that is seeking to tell drivers that a pedestrian hit at 40mph has only a 30 percent chance of survival, while an accident at 30mph should have an 80 percent survival rate.

As well as the slightly macabre images, New Yorkers will also get a series of TV adverts that seek to inform them of the speed limit and the perils of cycling on the pavement.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said: "Even 10 miles per hour too fast can mean the difference between life and death. As we make our safe streets even safer for everyone uses them, every New Yorker needs to follow all the rules of the road whether in a car, on foot or on a bike."

Check out the videos below.

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