Millions of Brits in hay fever hell after warm spring

Sneezing fits, itchy eyes, streaming noses - the symptoms of hay fever are known only too well by millions of Britons and, after two months of unseasonably warm weather, sales of treatments and remedies are soaring.

Hay fever misery for millions of Brits
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Over-the-counter remedies such as antihistamines and nasal sprays have risen by a massive 40 per cent thanks to the warm spring weather and experts say the strong winds and dry spell have encouraged the nation's bees to get active, thereby exacerbating the hay fever problem.

Since the beginning of March, Tesco pharmacies have seen a huge rise in remedy sales - demand is highest in Kent and Essex, with five towns in each county making the top 20 list for the most treatment sales.

Joy Wickham, a spokeswoman for the supermarket giant, told the Daily Express: "This is the earliest start to the hayfever season we have seen for a long time and we have ordered extra supplies to cope."

A recent survey found that 28 per cent of the population suffer with the allergy and 25 per cent of hay fever sufferers said their symptoms had got worse in the last few years.

Though the cold winter weather delayed the start of the pollen season, a distinctly summery April caused the pollen count to soar. And it looks like there will be no let-up for Britain's 16 million sufferers for some time to come.

Professor Jean Emberlin, director of PollenUK Information, said: "The warm spring weather has promoted early grass growth and will lead to a notably early start to the grass pollen season in most areas.

"Grass pollen production is likely to be above average, giving the potential for very high counts in June."

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