Skoda Fabia capable of 127.8mpg if you've got all the time in the world

With pump prices at an all-time high across Europe, manufacturers can often be found setting unlikely distance records in their latest fuel-sipping machines.

The most recent to fill-and-seal their tank was Skoda, which handed over a Fabia Greenline II to economy specialist Gerhard Plattner and watched him complete an astonishing 1,246 miles at the wheel.
Plattner, who must be endowed with the patience of a saint, managed 127.8mpg in a journey that took him from Austria to Denmark. And then back again.

Even allowing for the fact that the economy champion's road trip occurred mainly on a motorway – Germany's gargantuan A7 – the feather light foot required to extract that kind of mileage from the Fabia's 73bhp 1.2-litre diesel engine almost defies belief.

Gerhard Plattner, said: "With a fuel consumption well below the specified norm, I want to show that besides the car manufacturers, every driver can contribute to further reduce this environmental pollution. It already starts with small details such as the proper tyre pressure."

Unsurprisingly, Skoda hasn't revealed exactly how long it took the Austrian to complete his journey. We'd hazard a guess that Plattner probably wasn't running late for a wedding.
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