Madeleine McCann flat to be rented out - four years after she vanished

Ruth Doherty

The Portugal apartment from where Madeleine McCann was kidnapped will be rented out again for the first time since she vanished this summer - because no one wants to buy it.

The owner, Ruth McCann - not related to the family - put the property up for sale for£255,000, around £50,000 less than the asking price, but no one has put an offer in because of its history.

Flat 5a at the Ocean Complex in Praia da Luz, Portugal, has remained empty since the snatching in May 2007, when the McCann family paid £1,500 to rent the property for a week.

Ruth said she reacted with 'absolute horror' when she first heard about Maddie's disappearance, but has now decided to rent the the apartment out after her husband died.

The retired teacher said that men have shown interest in the flat - but their wives or partners tell them they can't pursue it because of the grim history.

She told the Mirror: 'Women are concerned that the flat will continuously remind them of Maddie's tragic disappearance.

'Sometimes the man has rowed with his female partner saying the association with the McCanns does not matter - but the woman has been adamant in refusing it.'

The police investigation at the resort ended in September 2007 - and the property has been empty for the last three-and-a-half years.

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