Marko: Alonso will be a formidable opponent

Red Bull motor racing consultant Dr Helmut Marko sees the obvious danger of a breakaway race series but calls for calm. Autoblog UK spoke to him about F1's future and the upcoming race in Spain.
There is some speculation about the future of Formula One. The top teams allegedly had a meeting in Stuttgart.
Helmut Marko: The Concorde Agreement is up for renewal soon, and there are four top teams – Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull – who are of course, discussing ways in which they can play a part in shaping the future of Formula One.

Luca di Montezemolo has once more raised the spectre of a breakaway race series. Do you seriously think it's an option?
We want to have a regulated Formula One, but finances need to be allocated differently. A suitable compromise can hopefully be found between CVC, who are the commercial rights holders, and the FIA. However, we will certainly go with the most attractive racing. Ferrari are the best-known team and have been in F1 the longest – but being Italian, they tend to express things more emotionally than others. In my opinion, the situation is nowhere near as bad as it looks.

Do you think Ferrari will again be your main opposition in Barcelona?
Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are among the ones posing the greatest threat to us, and I expect Alonso to make a special effort in his home race, but if the race takes its usual course, then we should still be in front.

What do you think of the new regulations? Have KERS, DRS and the like really improved things?
All these innovations, together with the new tyres that are designed to last just a short time and then quickly wear out, have led to more overtaking so far this year than in the whole of last season, so it certainly is working.
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