Horner: Upgrades for every race

Christian Horner would like to repeat Red Bull's success in Turkey with a win in Spain. Autoblog UK spoke to him as the season's fifth round in Barcelona draws near.
What are your expectations for next week's Grand Prix in Barcelona?
Christian Horner: I hope we can build on what we did in Istanbul and at the first race. It will be tough. Many teams will have upgrades, but we are in a good position, hopefully.

Have you got upgrades too?
Christian Horner: Yes, of course. We want to have something at every race.

Can you be more specific?
Christian Horner: No, it's just a few small aerodynamic components. But all the teams do that.

Then it's off to the highlight of the season – Monte Carlo. Drivers will be allowed to deploy DRS, what do you think of that?
Christian Horner: I know that some of them have concerns. It's not easy. Curved sections such as through the tunnel could prove challenging, but ultimately it's the same for everyone. Drivers will use it where they can.

Have you developed a wing without DRS for Monaco?
Christian Horner: No, DRS just behaves differently when it's closed. We don't have a special wing to give lots of downforce.
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