Video: Miracle escape for motorcyclist in tunnel accident

As the saying goes, 'What the eyes don't see the heart won't miss' or in this case 'won't miss a beat' as one very lucky motorcyclist discovered.

Riding through a tunnel on a relatively traffic-free road, this biker is blissfully unaware of the carnage that's about to erupt behind him.
In what appears to be a high-speed chase - for 'fun' or something more sinister we can't tell - two cars appear on the tunnel's CCTV and within seconds wreak havoc amongst the other drivers.

By some incredible stroke of fortune, the motorcyclist avoids being hit by the speeding cars and probably can't believe his eyes when he finally turns round.

As far as we've been able to discover, there were no serious injuries in the accident, just some very lucky drivers. Click on the video above to watch.
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