Sutil involved in nightclub fracas with F1 boss

It's not unusual to see frayed egotistical tempers on display in the hyped-up world of Formula 1, but outright aggression is normally limited to the track or, occasionally, the pitlane.

That doesn't seem to have been the case after the Chinese Grand Prix though, where apparently Force India driver, Adrian Sutil got into a nightclub bust-up with Eric Lux, the majority shareholder of Lotus Renault.
Why the altercation occurred no one really seems to know, but what is known is that Lux was forced to leave Shanghai's exclusive M1NT venue with a neck wound that would later require stitches.

Sutil has since apologised for his part in the incident, and suggested he'd injured Gennii Capital's CEO by accident.

The 28-year-old German driver said: 'At the event, which I attended as a private person, something happened which was a very unfortunate action on my part. I injured another person completely unintentionally.'

Very carefully chosen words there. And they were matched by a statement from the Lotus Renault team spokesperson. 'I can confirm that there has been an incident on Sunday after the Chinese GP involving Eric Lux, from Genii Capital. Lotus Renault GP is however not in a position to make any comments, as it is a private matter between Eric and the other person.'

Both parties have distanced the matter from their professional responsibilities, and the FIA are not thought to be investigating.

Clearly what happened in China stays in China.
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