Speeding fines set to soar under government plans

The government is planning on dramatically increasing the fine currently levied on speeding motorists served with a fixed penalty notice.

Under the current rules the standard fine is set at £60, but in the road safety strategy presented to parliament yesterday, the Department of Transport proposed raising the payment level to between £80 and £100.
According to the framework document the raise is necessary to bring the penalty in line with other offences (such as public disorder) and to stop it from becoming trivialised.

But with all the money going directly to the Treasury, the government stands to make an extra £35m from the potential increase.

Escalating fines would not be restricted to speeding either. The strategy suggests that the fines for using a mobile phone at the wheel, not wearing a seatbelt or running a red light would also be reassessed.

The new road safety plans presented to ministers by the Transport Secretary Philip Hammond also included the prospect of fixed penalty notices for careless driving.
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