John Cleese has a costly MINI adventure

John Cleese, star of Fawlty Towers and Monty Python, has been charged with speeding.

Cleese was photographed in a MINI Cooper breaking the 30mph speed limit on the A4 at Saltford, between Bath and Bristol, on November 6 last year, Bath Magistrates' Court said.
He is also charged with failing to prove who was actually driving the MINI, as Cleese's Jeweller girlfriend Jennifer Wade, owned the car but was not behind the wheel when it was snapped by the static camera.

The case is due to be heard later this month, though Cleese is not expected to attend in person. If found guilty of the offences, he would face a possible fine and have penalty points added to his licence.

I wonder if his response to the points would be similar to the scene from the 1975 Fawlty Towers episode Gourmet Night, which is consistently voted one of Britain's favourite comedy scenes.

This is of course when Cleese's character violently attacks his Austin 1100 with a branch, after it breaks down in the street as he searches for food to feed his guests.

Enjoy the clip below.

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