Lonley Planet Guide slams 'overpriced' Britain

Caroline Cassidy

The number of Brits taking 'staycations' may be on the rise but those looking to save money on their summer break would do well to look elsewhere.

British tourism overpriced
British tourism overpriced

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The latest edition of the Lonely Planet Guide claims Britain has "had its day" - the "no-holds-barred" guide criticised poor quality tourist attractions and overpriced restaurants in the UK and suggested that our tourist industry "just doesn't deliver".

Unless you're an overseas visitor taking advantage of the weak pound, the authors claim many simply can't afford to holiday in Britain

Author David Else wrote: "If you're on a tight budget, there's no getting away from it - Britain ain't cheap. Public transport, admission fees, restaurants and hotel rooms all tend to be expensive compared with their equivalents in many other European countries."

Mr Else also stated that, though London is home to plenty of good restaurants, many are overpriced. He suggested a "top-notch curry in Birmingham" or a pint and a pie in a country pub offered better value than many of the capital's eateries, where you might pay "£30 in a restaurant for a modern European concoction that tastes like it came from a can."

There was some good news though - the Guide insists much of Britain is "still great". David Else added: "In my opinion its history, scenery and people make it one of the most fascinating places in the world to explore," and both Edinburgh and Manchester garnered praise from the authors, while London's free attractions for children were also to be applauded.

"Dull" Surrey, "crass" Southend-on-Sea and "insular" Oxford, however, weren't so lucky.

What do you think? Is tourism in Britain overpriced and lacking in quality, and does the expense put you off holidaying at home?