'Boy racers' the target of new £100 roadside fines

Reckless motorists face on the spot fines as police are promised new powers to punish aggressive and dangerous driving.

Drivers guilty of tail-gating, undertaking or cutting up others will be handed a three-point fixed penalty notice and a fine of up to £100 at the roadside.
The government believes that by instantaneously endorsing the licenses of offenders it can improve the current standard of road safety.

Under the current rules careless driving can only be punished through the courts. The government believes the bureaucracy surrounding prosecutions means many 'boy racers' are escaping punishment.

"The big problem under the last government was using technology. Speed cameras were installed and speed became the only focus of the road safety agenda. It ceased to be a road safety agenda and became a speed agenda," Mr Hammond claimed.

"That meant somebody driving at 55mph in a 50mph limit might get prosecuted but the idiot who is weaving in and out of traffic and tail-gating gets off scot-free."

The new measures are part of a wider strategy package due to be presented to MPs today by Transport Secretary Philip Hammond.

A DfT spokesman said: "The strategy will focus on cracking down on the really reckless drivers through more efficient enforcement.

"By giving the police the tools to deal with those who present the greatest danger to others we can make our roads even safer."
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