Vettel flouts drinking law on Turkey podium

Sebastian Vettel took his third win out of four in the 2011 F1 season on Sunday – a worthy reason for celebration indeed.

But our attention has been drawn to the fact that Vettel's celebration on the podium – a little sip of the champagne provided for the winner – was strictly speaking illegal due to recently introduced strict drinking laws in Turkey.
The new laws apparently prevent anyone under the age of 24 taking part in events where alcohol is served, and the current F1 World Champion and Turkish Grand Prix victor is only 23.

His boss at Red Bull, Christian Horner, said: "Seb is so young he is not allowed to even drink the champagne on the podium here, because he is underage! It was mentioned in the drivers' briefing..."

The laws also prevented the display of any sponsorship by alcohol companies, with Sauber dropping logos advertising tequila for the race weekend.

However, we imagine that Vettel might be forgiven his brief taste of bubbly on this occasion.
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