Chef transforms grounded aircraft into a la carte restaurant

Ruth Doherty

Plane food: pre-packaged factory fodder on plastic trays. Right?

Not at the trendy new aircraft restaurant in Coventry Airport, where 35-year-old chef Tony Caunce has set up shop inside a grounded Douglas DC6 aircraft.

The D6 Diner has a fully-functioning bar on board, and visitors can munch on fillet steak for just £15.

The 40-seater restaurant opened just two weeks ago - and even has an aviation-themed menu, including 8oz Rapide, Vampire gammon steak, Bomber T-bone steak and a Meteor marinade fillet

Waiters can be called to tables using the original call buttons on the plane seats, and, when you've had your fill of food, you can also go in and check out the cockpit.

Owner Tony told the Daily Mail: 'The plane is an old DC6.

'It was in use all around the world until only about three-and-a-half-years ago.

'It used to fly all across the world, lots of flights to Spain but also transatlantic flights.

'It's a good space for a restaurant and attracts people who are interested in planes as well as people coming through the airfield.

'We've only been open for two weeks but we've already catered for large parties of people coming through the airfield.'

'Many of the steaks we sell are named after planes,' said Tony, whose lives with his wife and son in Romania, flying home every few weeks around shifts in the restaurant.

'So far, it's been a great success, some people have come to the restaurant just because it is a plane and they want to experience something different.'

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