Jaguar to build its dramatic £700,000 C-X75 concept car

Jaguar has sensationally revealed that it is to put its C-X75 concept supercar into production in 2013 in conjunction with the Williams F1 team.

The car was widely agreed as being the star of the Paris motor show last September, surprising many industry watchers.
"People expect us to be innovators. The C-X75 received an incredible reception as a concept car. We've been building on that momentum and there is a clear business case for the exclusive halo model," said global brand director Adrian Hallmark.

Two hundred of the limited run of 250 cars will most likely be powered by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine of the sort that will be introduced to Formula One in 2013 mated to an electric motor.

Fifty of the cars later on in the production run could be set to see the ambitious jet-turbine setup of the concept car come to fruition and others could be earmarked for racing.

No precise details have been announced regarding the powertrain, so it remains informed speculation, but the British car maker has said that it is committed to seeing as much of the innovative tech from the concept car through to production as possible.

Jaguar owner Tata bought a stake in the Bladon Jets company which has been working with the company on the technology.

With electric motors at the front and the four-cylinder engine powering the rear wheels the four-wheel drive supercar could have anywhere between 500 and 1000bhp available with correspondingly colossal performance.

The C-X75 will have an electric-only range of just over 30 miles and Jaguar says it will emit less than 100g/km CO2.

Price is expected to be upwards of £700,000 for the exclusive car and could be nearer £900,000, but Jaguar isn't likely to have any problems selling the car which it has yet to decide will be named.

Tata boss Carl-Peter Forster was present in London to announce the development of the new halo car for Jaguar, and F1 team boss Sir Frank Williams was also present at the announcement - the C-X75 will be built in partnership with the Williams F1 team.

Williams will pass on its experience of working with carbon-fibred for the 1450kg car, but rumours are also being fuelled of Tata's potential F1 involvement.

The C-X75 is part of an ambitious £5bn investment plan by Jaguar to launch 40 new cars over the next five years.
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