Eddie Jordan: F1 takeover talk is just posturing

Eddie Jordan has said he is sceptical of current rumours that major media corporation NewsCorp could make a bid for Formula One.

According to the BBC pundit the teams would want income guaranteed if the sport was taken off free-to-air television.
Currently Formula One is on the list of sports the European Union says should be available on free television channels.

Eddie Jordan said: "The EU has been promised by Bernie Ecclestone in the past, and in the Concorde Agreement, that everything on TV - on the BBC - would be free-to-air. If News Corp can find a way around that, then possibly I'll take this more seriously."

"Until that happens I feel this is just a little bit of posturing," he added.

He went on to say in his interview with the BBC that Formula One's first hurdle before it could consider new owners would be the negotiation of a new Concorde agreement, because the current one runs out next year.

Jordan believes that without the guaranteed numbers of television viewers the sport has now, teams would find it difficult to find sponsors.

Current Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has poured scorn on the rumours: "Personally I know CVC don't want to sell, so it's going to be a bit difficult. I can see CVC in for the long haul, 100%," he said.
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