Inline skater sets off speed camera at 40mph

Sam Tuffnell has been branded foolish after setting out to break the speed limit on a 30mph Hastings street – on his inline skates.

The 28-year-old broke his coccyx four days before the stunt, but still managed to get the first recorded speed camera hit for a skater.
Neil Hopkins of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership condemned Tufnell for his lack of safety awareness.

"Having reviewed the footage, it is obvious that this stunt is nothing short of extremely foolish," he said. "It is almost inconceivable that anyone would attempt such a dangerous stunt at night, dressed mostly in black, on a road that's in use."

"This sort of activity should always take place off the road under supervised conditions and with protective clothes," he added.

Tuffnell's friends recorded the four attempts at setting the speed camera off, where Tufnell wore no protective equipment and only put a reflective vest over his black clothing so the camera could see him better.

Tuffnell remains unrepentant: "Everyone loves the video. They think it's brilliant. Some people think it's quite mad," he said.

Click below to watch the video.

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