Electric pace from Peugeot EV at the Nurburgring

Peugeot has smashed the lap record for electric cars at the Nurburgring by 50 seconds with its EX1 EV prototype.

The two-seater roadster has been shown as a concept car at various shows around the world, but now the French manufacturer has shown the sporty EV as what it takes to match its looks.
The EX1 averaged 85.9mph in its 9:01.338 minutes run around the 13-mile track, beating the previous record held by a tuned Mini E last year.

The 161mph Peugeot is powered by electric motors on each axle producing 340bhp between the two of them. It weighs just 750kg courtesy of extensive use of carbon-fibre.

The EX1 was driven by Peugeot test driver Stephane Caillet.

The firm has no plans to put the EX1 into production, but will put the experience gained from the prototype into practice on future models.

Click below to watch a video of the Peugeot's run.

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