Bargain holiday hunting? Should you go all-inclusive?

You'll either love the idea of an all-inclusive break, or you'll hate it. If you fancy the idea of being able eat and drink to your heart's desire without moving more than a couple of steps from your sun-lounger or breaking the bank, then you'll be signing up for an inclusive break without a backwards glance. However, if you prefer a little variety and independence, it may not be quite so appealing.

But don't be too quick to dismiss the attractions of this kind of deal.

Demand on the rise
The American Express Global Foreign Exchange Services Currency Index found that demand for all-inclusive was on the increase. Terry Perrin, Director at American Express Global Foreign Exchange Services said: "The 'all-inclusive' holiday trend has increased in recent years as holidaymakers, especially families, like to plan their spend ahead of time." In fact the market has growth by around a third in the last five years.

So is it right for you?
If you're on a budget the appeal is clear. When tour operator First Choice decided to only sell this kind of holiday it pointed out that a family of four could save £511 a week on an all-inclusive deal compared with a bed and breakfast offer.

If you don't mind staying within the resort, and put bargain luxury above the other aspects of travel such as exploring and experiencing the local culture, then this may suit you down to the ground as it is. However, independent travellers shouldn't be too quick to dismiss the idea too.

Some resorts are on the doorstep of local attractions, so you can go to the resort for bed, breakfast and dinner and indulge your passion for travel during the day. Others will help you arrange transport so you can get out and about. You can either spend some of the hundreds of pounds you are saving by not going bed and breakfast, or if you have no shame, you can hide away goodies for breakfast as a packed lunch and keep the cost of exploring to a minimum.

Alternatively, even the independent traveller can embrace fully-fledged all-inclusive comfort once in a while. It doesn't have to mean sitting on the beach all day, and some resorts include activities such as tennis lessons and water activities in the deal, so you can indulge your passion for activity at a low cost, and take a break from independence.

But what do you think? Would you go all inclusive? Let us know in the comments.
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