It's gonna be a scorcher! Temps to hit 27C this weekend

Quick, book that last-minute staycation - because temperatures are going to be a sizzling 27C this weekend.

After the hottest April since records began in 1910, May is set to continue the heatwave trend as a gap between high pressure over northern Europe and low pressure over the Atlantic is sucking hot air north from Spain and north Africa - getting here in time for Friday, and staying until Sunday.

This system, known as a 'Spanish plume,' will increase temperatures across the south and midlands by up to 10C, from this midweek's 18C highs to 22C on Friday, 27C on Saturday and around 24C on Sunday.

The 27C sunshine will be 12C hotter than the south east's 15C average maximum temperatures at this time of year - and on a par with smouldering temperatures last month which peaked at 27.8C (82F) in Wisley, Surrey, on Easter Saturday, 23 April.

But, although there are warnings of isolated thunderstorms too, farmers in the south and east won't be pleased to hear that they'll miss the rain again - after the driest March for 50 years, and the driest April for 80 years.

Forecaster Brian Gaze, of The Weather Outlook, told the Telegraph: 'A 'Spanish plume' is a wedge of very warm air from Spain or north Africa heading north across France and into Britain.

'This set-up means Friday and Saturday will be turning very warm in the east, and seriously warm for the time of year.

'In these 'Spanish plumes' at this time of year, it could push 30C (88F) if heat built up over several days.

'That doesn't look likely just yet, so I reckon the south east will see around 27C (81F) on Saturday if the sun shines for long enough.

'But by Sunday, cooler weather will be trying to push back from the west, which may bring some rain and may be preceded by hefty thunderstorms, although these would be hit-and-miss.'

Met Office forecaster Barry Gromett said: 'These temperatures could give rise to fairly heavy showers on Saturday and Sunday, which could be quite frequent in western and central parts, and there may well be thunder mixed in over the midlands.

'But it will be drier the further south and east you go and the south-east is a favoured area to not get showers.'

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