Cheap ways to brighten up your home this summer

As the sun begins to emerge from the grey cloud of winter and the flowers begin to bloom, many of us will be looking to brighten up our homes. A summer home makeover doesn't have to cost a fortune though - here are a few tips on how to freshen up the place.

Cheap summer home makeover ideas
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A lick of paint

Nothing changes the look of your home more quickly and easily than a lick of paint. But in all our summertime optimism, it can be tempting to opt for light bright summery colours throughout the house. Rather than splash out on repainting whole rooms (in colours that might not be quite so cosy come winter) try picking a complementary colour for just one wall - this will add a focal point and brighten things up without putting too much of a dent in your wallet.

Declutter and spring clean
It's not just cheap, it's free! Decluttering your home will make a big difference, not only to the look of the house but also to your mood. Get rid of, or put away old knick knacks, use old cabinets as garage storage and give each room a good ol' clean. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes. Sell any unwanted stuff at a carboot sale or on eBay, and you could make a few quid too.

Rearrange, re-paint and re-cover
Spring and summer often make us feel like making changes but in the present financial climate, refurnishing your house probably isn't an option. However, simply rearranging furniture in the room can simply and easily give you a fresh perspective. And if you have tired of your existing furniture, adding a coat of satinwood paint and sanding down the edges can give it a distressed rather than tired appearance. Similarly, if sofas and armchairs are darkening the room, a simple throw will add that summery feel while cosy winter rugs can be replaced with cooler colours.

Outside in
If the weather is kind this summer, no doubt you'll be making the most of the sunshine and heading outdoors. But as we know all to well, the British summer isn't always what we would wish for. Why not bring the outside in - potted plants and cut scented flowers will at least give your home an aura of summertime, even if the heavens open.

Welcome home
During the cold winter months, we tend to rush indoors but with longer, warmer days you may notice the front of your house is looking a touch drab. It's easily fixed though - just cleaning the windows and doors will give the front of your home a new lease of life and hanging baskets or potted, flowering plants will give the property that all-important welcoming feel.

If you've got any cheap and cheerful tips to brighten up the home, let us know below...
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