Britain's most vandalised cars revealed

The Lexus IS has been revealed as Britain's most vandalised car in details released by insurer Swift Cover.

Premium vehicles feature heavily in the top 10, with the BMW Z4 coming second and the Mercedes CLK in fourth. BMW is the most unpopular brand of cars, with four models in the chart.
The Mini One makes the podium in third – perhaps not as premium as the others, but the large number of attacks on Foxtons estate agents' cars could have boosted its numbers. The Skoda Octavia made a surprise appearance in eighth.

What the Swift Cover figures don't make clear is whether things are being stolen from these cars or people just don't like them, but the numbers do include mindless acts of vandalism such as key scratches and wing mirror abuse.

The insurance company created its 'Vehicle Vandalism Index' based on 2,000 claims of damage on cars it insured in the past year.

Claims director at Swift Cover, Robin Reames, had some advice for drivers to better protect their cars: "Vandalism is difficult to prevent but motorists can take some measures to protect their cars as best possible.

"The most obvious one is not to leave your car on the street – if you're lucky enough to have a garage, use it to keep your car out of harm's way," he said.
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