New for 2011: Barbie hotel rooms cater for kids

Hotels are tapping in to 'pester power' with cartoon and toy-themed suites - guaranteed to get children chanting 'pleeeeaaase'.

In Paris, the luxurious Hotel Plaza Athenee has two special Barbie-themed rooms for the month of August, decked out in Barbie's (and little girls') favourite colours, pink and white.

Barbie fans can choose from the Modern Princess room with a pet grooming table and royal linens, or the Fashion Icon room with designer furniture and a computer.

In both, the pillows have Barbie hearts on them, the desk is embossed with her logo and there are Barbie dolls strategically scattered around.

Ken, unfortunately, doesn't get his own room, but the hotel has worked with toy maker Mattel to create the cool Hot Wheels room.

Fulfilling every little boy's dream, the Hot Wheels room has a custom car bed flanked with the 'Hot Wheels', blue and orange bedside tables as well as custom cars, tracksets, stunts, games and gadgets.

A similar suite has been created by Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, which turned a 2,350 square foot studio into a world of Barbie.

For a mere $4,000 a night you can enjoy a spacious suite decked out entirely in the Barbie Loves Jonathan Adler home decor collection, featuring a sunburst-style mirror made from 65 reproduction 1959 Black & White Bathing Suit Barbie dolls.

But we're thinking this one might be aimed at adults, as the shower features a rather large stripping pole...

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