Heathrow flights grounded after boy has barbecue accident

Ruth Doherty

A boy of 13 brought flights at Heathrow to a total standstill after accidentally setting himself on fire at a family barbeque at his home near the airport.

Regan Fisher engulfed himself in flames by accidentally pouring model aircraft fluid onto a barbeque, leaving him severely burnt and needing hospital treatment.

After the teenager's frantic calls for help, an air ambulance was sent to their home in Colnbrook, near Slough, less than five miles from Heathrow's flightpath.

Air traffic to and from the airport was then delayed by 20 minutes as planes cleared a way for emergency services to reach the teen's house.

Regan was treated for severe burns to the legs, chest, right arm, hand and face at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Bucks.

He had reportedly been turned into a 'human torch' after being knocked off his feet by the blast from the barbecues.

Regan told the Daily Mail: 'The fuel can exploded in my hand. I was on fire. I ripped my clothes off and rolled on the floor to try to put it out.

'I thought I was going to die.'

Regan's mother Amanda, 40, a housewife, said: 'He had been playing guitar for us in the house and then got bored and said "Can I go and play out the back?"

'We were upstairs and the next minute we heard an almighty bang. I thought it was a bomb exploding outside.'

'He is really very lucky. I think he's learnt a big lesson. He said he will never touch fire again in his life.'

Doctors are optimistic that the teenager's burns will heal and he will not be left with permanent scars.

Regan added: 'It's taught me not to play with fire - it's not cool to do it.'

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