Show jumping: it's a bunny game

Ruth Doherty

What's up, doc? Well, we think we've spotted a bunny show jumping.

Yes, that's right. A sports club in Germany is getting up to some bunny business by swapping horses for rabbits.

The show jumping course at the Kaninhop Club in the village of Jena gives a whole new meaning to 'bunny hop'.

The Bavarian bunnies leap over a variety of different sized mini jumps to show off the power of the spring in their step.

The more jumps they clear the higher their score, and there's also normally a time element, though rules can vary from location to location.

Jena's star show jumper Snoopy, works hard to earn his carrots by competing in bunny hop contests across Germany.

According to proud owner Claudia Fehlen, black and white Snoopy can jump around 60cm high.

However, he still has a way to go to beat the world record for the highest bunny jump, which, according to the official Swedish site, is 99.5cm.

The sport of rabbit jumping was born in Scandinavia but has quickly become popular throughout Europe and America.

It's all a bit Looney Tunes if you ask us...

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