Ryanair flight to Paris makes emergency landing

Katy Holland

A Ryanair flight carrying 173 people from Sweden to Paris has been forced to make a 'security landing' near Stockholm after its instruments failed.

The drama unfolded about 20 minutes into the flight, when the pilot realised there was a problem with the instruments. He made the quick decision to turn around and head back to Skavsta Airport, south of the capital Stockholm.

Speaking in the Herald Sun newspaper, the airport's chief executive Dot Gade Kulovuori said:

'He first had to circle for a while to burn off some fuel and to show technicians on the ground that the wing flaps and everything were working properly. They were, and he landed safely,' she said.

All the 173 people including one infant on board had left the plane, she said, adding, 'They all seem calm.'

Ryanair has sent a plane from London to pick up passengers waiting to fly from Paris to Sweden, and that plane will take the passengers at Skavsta to the French capital, Kulovuori said.

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