Kubica released from hospital but future remains unclear

At least three more months will pass until Robert Kubica's future in Formula 1 is any clearer.

That is the claim of Renault team doctor Riccardo Ceccarelli, as the injured Polish driver was on Saturday finally released from hospital after an 11-week stay.
Kubica, 26, will now continue his rehabilitation at Ceccarelli's facilities in Italy.

The doctor is quoted as saying by Italian reports: "It will only be by August that we will be able to know when and if Kubica will be ready to return to Formula 1 with Renault.

"We'll understand six months after the accident: we need to wait for nature to run its course even though, knowing Robert, we are confident in his recovery strength," he said.

As Kubica was discharged, the Santa Corona hospital said in a statement that his "condition is good and the driver will be able to begin a new rehabilitation phase outside the hospital."

Ceccarelli said of his patient: "He has good sensitivity, but not in every spot. The hand is there [though], and should regain good functionality."

Shortly before he returned home, Kubica said himself in an interview distributed by Renault that he is feeling "a lot better now" following his life-threatening rally crash that caused multiple fractures and a near-severed right hand.

"The mobility of my hand is limited," he admitted, "but this is pretty normal in this kind of situation, because the connected arm muscles are still very weak due to the long period of immobility. Things are definitely improving day by day.

"From my side, I'll try to use my difficult experience to come back as strong as I possibly can," added Kubica.
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