Being drunk abroad 'is a British trait'

A new survey reveals that more than a quarter of Brits think getting drunk while holidaying abroad is a British characteristic.

Twenty-eight per cent of the 2,012 people surveyed believe that it's one of our traits, while only one in three think working hard is one of our attributes.

The findings come just weeks after a separate survey from Tripadvisor found that the vast majority of us (65 per cent) drink more when we're on holiday than when we are at home.

Sixty per cent think drinking tea was a British characteristic, followed by talking about the weather. The survey also found that less than half the people living in England knew it was St George's Day on 23 April, yet more than half know when St Patrick's Day is.

It was also revealed that one in five of us would like an extra bank holiday to celebrate being British.

Managing director James Endersby of Opinium Research, who carried out the survey said: 'Our research has revealed that it's hard to pin down what it means to be British. With several stereotypical attributes making the list as well as wider personality traits, it goes to show that Britishness is a complex mix of characteristics.'

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