Lake District and Malaga are most popular getaways this Easter

Ruth Doherty

The Lake District has topped the list of most likely places in the UK people will travel to by car over the Easter and Royal Wedding bank holidays.

The poll of 1,025 British motorists carried out by insurance cOmpany esure found that Brighton was the second most favoured spot, followed by England's north-east coast and Bournemouth.

35% of those surverys said they'd consider a holiday abroad rather than in the UK to avoid the traffic over the two-week period.

For travellers going overseas, Malaga in southern Spain was the most popular place, budget airline Easyjet found.

'The double bank holiday offers the perfect opportunity to get away from it all, and therefore it's no surprise that Malaga is the most popular destination for British travellers during this period,' EasyJet's UK director Paul Simmons revealed.

Madrid, Paris, Faro and Amsterdam followed Malaga in the most favoured Easter hotspots abroad.

British Airways revealed that 95,000 passengers will be flying out of the UK with them today while 80,000 will be travelling next Friday on the royal wedding day.

BA said New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Miami were its most popular long-haul destinations and Edinburgh, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Amsterdam were the favourites closer to home.

Will you be holidaying at home over the Easter holiday or be going somewhere abroad?

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