What wedding? Will YOU be part of the Great British exodus?

Katy Holland

More than 2.45 million Brits are leaving the country for the extended Easter break, and a further 3.43 million are going on holiday in the UK in a bid to get away from the royal wedding.

While the extended break is intended to offer Brits the opportunity to get their patriotic hats on and celebrate the once-in-a-generation wedding of a future King, many appear more interested escaping from it all.

Of those heading abroad, just a quarter of Brits intend to watch the wedding live, either on television or the internet. Far more – 36 per cent – say they have no interest in watching the wedding at all.

While 2.45 million Brits have already booked their break, the actual figure could be far higher as four per cent (1.96 million) intend to go on holiday, but have yet to book it.

And a further 2.45 million Brits (five per cent), said they would consider going on holiday if they spotted a good deal.

Latest research from travel comparison website travelsupermarket.com has found that Europe is by far the most popular destination, with two-thirds (76 per cent) heading to the continent.

Cressida Sergeant, travel expert from travelsupermarket.com, said: "We were expecting to see huge numbers of Brits leaving the country during this period, however, even we were surprised to see just how many will be doing so – it really is nothing short of an 'exodus'.

If you are one of the nearly two million Brits who intend to go away, but have not yet booked, click on the image below for some fantastic ideas for escapes!