Rare white lion cubs make public debut at German zoo

Ruth Doherty

How cute? Rare white lion cubs, Niza and Nero, made their public debut yesterday at Serengeti Park near Hanover in Germany.

The twins were born by caesarean section in December 2010 after their mother Brouks' pregnancy went unnoticed.

On 30 November a white lion baby was found lying beside Brouks on her straw. It died 48 hours later.

'Brouks lay apathetically in the corner. I suspected that she might still have babies inside her,' Dr Michael Boeer told the Daily Mail.

The big cat was carefully sedated and sent with a police escort to the Veterinary University in Hanover. 'We had no time to lose,´' said Dr Boeers.

There professor Ingo Nolte led a six-man team to successfully bring the lion cubs into the world, and they were delivered after a seven-hour operation.

Dr Boeers added: 'They were nearly dead. But we nursed them carefully and they made it.'

And now they're being proudly shown off to the public - and they're sure to melt hearts.

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