Video: Toyota MR2 hurdles safety fence at Brands Hatch

Tom Webster

Motorsport crashes vary in scale, from the cheeky nudge that leads to a spin into the gravel all the way to incidents such as this spectacular and terrifying incident at Brands Hatch this last weekend.

Two Toyota MR2s come together on the last section of the start/finish straight on the approach to Paddock Hill Bend and fly towards the barriers. One flips end-over-end and finishes on the side of the track, while the other ends up out in the Paddock car park.

Amazingly it is said that no-one was seriously hurt in the crash, although the driver of the black car, Andrei Bgartov, is reportedly recovering from some broken bones. Full credit must be given to the marshalls and everyone else involved in keeping the drivers safe, then.

Click below to watch.