Shanghai makes way for the stretched Rolls-Royce Ghost

Autoblog UK's office recently played host to the Bentley Mulsanne, a car of such ample proportions that one staffer likened the business of inching it round our underground car park to docking a cruise ship in a pond.

It's a big car, then. But it's nothing compared to the Extended Wheelbase version of the Ghost that Rolls-Royce revealed in Shanghai this week.
The stretched Roller is intended to offer buyers increased space and comfort without sacrificing the car's dynamic ability. What it really means of course is increased space in the back.

And by space we mean enough room to land a Sea Harrier. The LWB Ghost's spine gains an additional 170mm in autocrat-shifting length, making the space for your knees doubly voluminous of the standard model.

Those knees will be transported by the twin-turbocharged V12 engine beneath the hood which produces 555bhp of plebeian-crushing power.

The big Ghost is so garishly boastful it almost qualifies as a human rights violation. Still, we'd love a go in one. Let's hope it comes with a driver.
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