Hair help - how to solve common problems

Caroline Cassidy

There's nothing like the feeling when you've just stepped out of the salon with a sleek new 'do but, unlike the stars, few of us can afford the expense on a daily basis.

common hair problems
common hair problems

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If problem locks have you pulling your hair out, here are a few tips that will help you right, or even prevent, common wrongs.

Split ends
Commonly the result of regular styling (particularly heat styling) and an overdose of products, there's not much you can do about split ends apart from getting them cut off. To avoid the same issue recurring, protein-rich shampoos and good conditioners are essential... and giving your hair the odd day off from the straighteners is never a bad idea.

Frizzy hair
Dry and damaged hair can quickly turn into a frizzy mop without proper care and attention. Hydrating shampoos can help to prevent the problem before it arises but there are a number of serums on the market that can smooth your feisty follicles. Bear in mind too that heat styling can cause frizz so products that protect hair from the heat are a worthwhile addition to your bathroom cabinet.

Dull and dreary
'Dull, lifeless hair?' - we've all suffered at one time or another. Once again, the problem lies in too much styling and product. Both the damage caused and the build up of products can drag your locks down and take away their natural shine. Time for a spring clean - a clarifying, deep clean shampoo can wash away the build up while adding a weekly deep conditioner will help to maintain your glossy mane. A natural boars bristle brush will lessen damage caused by daily brushing. As well as changing your haircare routine, consider swapping processed food and ready meals for healthy veg and lean meat and make sure you stay well hydrated.

Oily hair
Your hair comes with its own natural oil to keep it healthy but over-secretion of sebum can leave you with an oily issue. Often this is a hereditary problem but if you are looking more slick than chic there are a few things you can do to fix it. A healthy diet should be your first port of call and if you hair tends to become oily quickly, cutting down on the fat in your diet can help. Similarly, back away from those styling products as using too many can exacerbate the problem. Frequent hair-washing, as tempting as it may be, is often one of the root causes as the hair produces more sebum in order to compensate. A non-silicone based shampoo is the best option.