Fergie gets a patdown! Singer stopped by security at LAX airport

Ruth Doherty

Security guards at LAX airport proved yesterday that an A-list celebrity status won't get you out of the usual rigmarole of boarding a plane.

Fergie was stopped by a stern-looking guard as she went though a detector at LAX - and it looked she found it as enjoyable as the rest of us (not very, then).

The singer star was then approached by a second security guard who appeared to ask her questions before she was allowed through the check point.

Fergie, who looked stylish in a pink waterfall cardie and leopard-print top, is currently preparing for an international tour with The Black Eyed Peas, which is scheduled to kick off on 22 June in France.

The tour will include stops in England, Ireland, Germany and Belgium - so she might have to get used to airport frisking.

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