Clamping for uninsured cars moves closer

The new clamp-and-scrap rules intended to combat the growing menace of uninsured drivers go in front of parliament today ahead of their intended introduction in June.

The new system requires motorists to insure their cars at all times - failure to renew their policy could lead to clamping, seizure and ultimately the destruction of the vehicle.
The Department for Transport said: "Under continuous insurance enforcement it will be an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle, rather than just to drive when uninsured. The regulations laid today will allow the DVLA to take action against those who ignore warnings to get their vehicle insured."

The only exception to the new rules would be cars declared officially beyond use under the current SORN system.

Motoring organisations have expressed some concern that the system is just as likely to penalise law-abiding citizens who have simply forgotten to renew their insurance as it is to catch long-term offenders.

Road safety minister Mike Penning, said a warning notice and a £100 fixed penalty would precede any effort to clamp or seize a vehicle, and insisted that the new regulations were a vital weapon in the government's efforts to curb a problem which contributes an estimated £30 to every drivers' annual premium.
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