So you think you can fly? Virgin advertises for pilot astronauts

Katy Holland

Wanted: pilot astronauts to work the world's first commercial spaceline.

Qualified candidates must be willing to fly to the edge of space. Experienced with both high-performance fast-jet type airplanes and large multi-engine types necessary. Prior spaceflight experience is desirable.

Yes, Virgin Galactic, the brainchild of Richard Branson, is hiring the first batch of three pilot-astronauts to fly its customers has launched its search for pilot-astronauts. The firm will recruit people to deliver a 'sub-orbital spaceflight service to Virgin Galactic Customer-Astronauts' with uncompromised comfort.

Think you fit the bill? You can apply for the position at

If your idea of dream job includes floating weightlessly for a few minutes and gliding back home, then this job offer is for you.

Virgin Galactic,plans to offer its first commercial flight in circa two years, for the relatively cheap price of $200.000. Virgin Galactic says that already 410 people signed up already.

Video! See the Spaceship 2 in flight below!

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